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There typically are three potential category of expenses in every case:

  1. attorney’s fees (which includes fees for the attorney’s paralegals and support staff);
  2. costs (such as court costs, copy costs, runner costs, postage, etc.); and
  3. other professional costs (such as forensic CPAs, mental health professionals, mediator(s), appraisers, etc.).

In all circumstances, you will be responsible to pay for #2 and #3 based on the costs charged because those are third-party costs (in other words costs that are outside of what Kay Family Law PLLC). So, let’s talk about #1 – attorney’s fees.

Hourly Rate Model

Most family law and special needs attorneys charge their clients by the hour. It is not unusual for the more experienced attorneys to charge higher hourly rates. The hourly billing typically requires a fee deposit (some attorneys make them refundable and some non-refundable) before the attorney will begin work on the case. The benefits to this system is the more comprehensive legal representation it allows, it incentivizes the attorney to “work the case”, and the client is paying for the time invested in his/her case. For some cases and clients, this model makes sense. However it sometimes discourages clients from contacting their attorney (for fear of being charged more fees) and it may lead to unpredictable and, in some cases, unaffordable legal bills. Kay Family Law PLLC does offer the hourly rate model of billing for those interested in it. And, in some circumstances, it’s what makes the most sense.

Flat Rate Fees

To help make legal services available to more clients, Kay Family Law PLLC offers in some cases flat-rate fees based on the stage of the case and the client goals. How much the fee will be will depend on each particular case. The unbundled legal services are offered at a flat rate per service.

Payment Plans

Kay Family Law PLLC recognizes that not all families have the resources to pay large lump sum fee deposits or large monthly bills for legal fees. So, in some cases, Kay Family Law PLLC will work with clients to agree upon a payment plan to make the expenses more manageable.

Can You Quote Me A Fee Over The Phone?

Normally, no. Because the fees structure is specially tailored not only to each client but each issue, flat fees are almost never quoted over the phone – an initial consultation will be required.

Pro Bono Services

While Kay Family Law PLLC is proud to provide legal services free of charge at the sole discretion of the Managing Member, this firm is NOT a legal aid organization and does not receive legal aid funding of any kind or amount. Therefore, those in need of free or reduced-rate legal services are encouraged to explore options available through legal aid organizations. You can find a list of local organizations here.


Much like what you see in the “family law and special needs law” fees section above, Sarah offers a variety of options when it comes to fees for her services as Guardian ad Litem.

Interested in having Sarah appointed as Guardian ad Litem in a family law case? Please contact Sarah ahead of time to discuss the fees structure that makes the most sense based on the nature of the case and the family.

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Sarah charges $300 per hour to serve as a mediator with a 2 hour minimum per mediation. The parties will equally split (50% each) the mediation fee unless otherwise agreed in writing by the parties. Mediation fee must be paid at the conclusion of the mediation session (credit card, checks, or cash accepted).

Travel time not charged provided the mediation takes place in the greater Tampa Bay Area (defined as Hillsborough, Pinellas, and Pasco Counties – roughly 1 hour radius) and is scheduled for 4 hours or more.

There is a minimum six hundred dollar ($600.00) charge for each mediation session or cases which are cancelled with less than 48 hours’ notice (weekends and holidays excluded).

Sarah provides all her mediation services through Natalie F. Baird Mediations P.A.

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